Osaka Food Tours – Best Tours For Food And Drink Travelers

Osaka is one of our favorite food cities in Japan. There are so many great dishes to eat and so many places to eat. It can be overwhelming, though. Booking a food tour in Osaka can help people who travel for food to eat better and learn more while visiting this food-focused city.

In this post, I share our recommendations on how to book one of the best Osaka food tours. And I share our tips on how to make the most of your experience.

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Why Book A Japan Culinary Tour

There are many great reasons why booking a Japanese food tour could make your Osaka trip that much more special. First, there is a language barrier in Japan. Of course, there are picture menus to help you with ordering, but we end up with more questions than answers when we eat in Japan. A food tour will help you learn more about the cuisine.

This also helps with the second issue, Japanese cuisine is complex and layered. It’s so different from American or European cuisine. By taking a food tour, your Osaka local guide will help you learn more about the culture through the cooking.

Last, we love taking food tours at the start of our stay in a new city. It makes the rest of our trip better. Your guide will give tips on where and what to eat in Osaka. Over the years, we’ve received great restaurant recommendations from some of our food tour guides.

How To Book Hotels In Osaka

In the 10+ years of traveling to Japan, we’ve learned a thing or two about booking a hotel in Osaka. We stayed at great hotels like the Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka and St. Regis Osaka. And we’ve stayed at some not-so-great hotels.

When planning a trip to Osaka, we use for our accommodations. In addition to booking hotels, we’ve used them for booking apartments for more extended stays. We’ve even used them to book villas and ryokans in Osaka when we want something special. We’ve even found some charming and less expensive guest houses in Osaka on

How About A 12-Day Food Tour In Japan?

If you are looking for something more than just an Osaka one-day tour, Intrepid Travel offers a 12-day Real Food Adventure In Japan. It hits some of our favorite food cities in the Kansai region of Japan. That includes Osaka, Kyoto, and Koyosan in Wakayama, just south of Osaka.

Along the way, travelers learn to make sushi, eat street food, and stay the night in a Buddhist monastery. We recommend all the food experiences we’ve had in Japan.

How To See The Best Of Osaka, Japan, On A Food Tour

A great food tour means you can start understanding Japanese food culture while exploring a new city. It is more than just the food that is served.

It means you can meet new people, ask loads of questions, and learn about the history and culture of a new city. It’s one of our favorite ways to see a city! In this post, we share our recommended food tours in Osaka.

All pricing is provided in Japanese yen. This helps you plan your budget based on the current currency rates. With some tours, pricing will adjust based on how many people have already booked, how many people are at your party, and the time of year.

We recommend using Viator for booking food tours and experiences. We like Viator for a few reasons. One, we’ve used them for times worldwide without any problems. Second, you will receive immediate confirmation of your booking.

Osaka Food Market Tour And Lunch

This small group tour of Osaka begins with a walk through Tsuruhashi Wholesale Fish Market. This is where many of Osaka’s restaurants buy freshly caught seafood. Enjoy mouthwatering sashimi surrounded by seafood vendors selling their daily catch.

The tour continues around the market, where other local Japanese snacks and seasonal fruits are sampled. From the market, it’s time to ride the Osaka metro to a restaurant in the Shinsekai neighborhood for lunch.

Kuromon Market And Dotonbori Food Tour

For first-time visitors to Osaka, this food tour provides a great introduction to one of Japan’s best culinary cities. The time focuses on the famous Osaka market, Kuromon, and Dotonbori, Osaka’s food street.

Beginning in the famous Kuromon Market, the centerpiece of Osaka food culture, the tour showcases the wide variety of vendors in the market, from butchers selling wagyu beef to tofu and, of course, sushi.

Eating your way around the market, the tour guide provides insight into the rich history of Japanese cuisine and individual dishes.

After the market, the tour continues past several famous Osaka sites, including Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shopping Street and Dotonbori Bridge, where the term ends.

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