Kyoto Food Tours: Best Tours for Food And Drink Travelers

Kyoto is a great city for foodies. Kyoto is a popular destination for many people interested in the temples and culture of Geishas. Kyoto has a rich history in food and beverage and is an ideal destination for food and wine travelers. A food tour can help those who travel to learn about nutrition and eat better. In this article, I will share our tips on booking the best Kyoto food tour. We also share tips to help you make the most of your trip.

Why book a Japan Culinary Tour

Booking a Japanese Food Tour could make your Kyoto vacation more memorable. There is a huge language barrier in Japan. There are pictures on the menus that can help with ordering, but when you are eating alone in Japan, you find yourself with more questions than you have answers. You can learn more about Japanese cuisine by taking a food tour.

Kyoto’s local tour guides can assist with the second problem, Japanese cuisine. It is complex and multi-layered. It is so different from American and European cuisine. Your guide will teach you more about Kyoto’s food culture by taking a food walk.

We love to start our trip in a new place with a food tour. This makes our entire trip more enjoyable. You’ll also get insider tips from your guide on where to eat in Kyoto. We’ve received some great restaurant recommendations over the years from our food tour guides.

A Food Tour of Kyoto, Japan, to Enjoy the Best Of It

With a great Food Tour, you can begin to understand Japanese cuisine culture while exploring new cities. Food is one of many things that matter. You can meet locals and ask them lots of questions. This is one of our favorite ways to explore a new city. We share with you our top food tours in Kyoto.

All prices are in Japanese yen. You can plan your budget according to the current exchange rates. Some tours will adjust their pricing based on the number of people already reserved, your group size, and the time of year.

Viator is the best way to book food tours and other experiences. Viator is a great company for several reasons. We’ve used Viator for excursions all over the world with no problems. You will also receive an immediate confirmation. Viator, a well-respected company, is owned by TripAdvisor. If there are any problems with your booking, you can rest assured that a large company is standing behind it.

Arigato Japan Food Tours In Kyoto

This three-hour evening tour will allow you to see Kyoto’s Pontocho district and Gion Shirakawa from the local perspective. Your guide will help you navigate ancient streets while tasting traditional food at tea houses and restaurants. Discover the history and culture of this area of Kyoto.

The three-hour tour can accommodate up to 10 guests, providing a personalized experience. Time passes by many iconic sites of Kyoto, including temples, shrines, and markets. Guests can sample seasonal Kyoto cuisine at five food and beverage stops.

Sake Tasting Tour in Kyoto

Sake is the quintessential Japanese beverage. Sake is unlike any other alcoholic beverage. It cannot be easy to comprehend. This three-hour sake-tasting tour takes drinkers to the Fushimi District in Kyoto. The guests will learn more about sake, its history, and how it tastes.

The experience at Kyoto’s Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum includes a sake brewery tour. The guests will learn about the sake-brewing process at the brewery. Then, guests enjoy tasting ten different kinds of sake with Japanese snacks. Your guide will describe the various sake flavors and brews, from sweet to dry.

The tour is available for 12 people starting at Y=8600. The drinking age is 20 in Japan. Guests under 20 are welcome, but they will not be served any sake. Vegetarian choices are available on the tour, but advance notice is required when you book.

Why we liked this tour:

This tour is for travelers who want to learn more about the sake they can drink in Japan. This tour will help travelers better understand sake, its history, the brewing process, and how to order.

This was a great tour that we took in Kyoto. The best part of the tour was learning to taste sake and how to read labels on sake bottles. We learned to read the Japanese characters to order sake.

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