Unique And Tasty Malay Drinks To Try

Malaysian food is our favorite. It is hard to beat the blend of Chinese and Indian influences with Malay. The same goes for Malay beverages. This post will examine the best Malay drinks to try when visiting Malaysia.

The Best Foods to Try in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country of diversity, followed by variety. When choosing the best drinks, the combination is overwhelming.

Most of the drinks I’ll discuss here are available in most places across Malaysia. Most of these drinks are also very affordable. You’ll find them in their quirky cafes and kopitiams, street food outlets, fancy restaurants, or even fancy restaurants.

When looking for the most popular drinks in Malaysia, we will help you discover which ones taste best, where you can get them, and what’s inside.

Popular drinks in Malaysia

Amber and I made many trips to Malaysia in the last decade. We lived in Bali and Bangkok, and visiting Kuala Lumpur and Penang for different tastes was easy.

We certainly had our fair share in Malaysia. There are many popular drinks to try in Malaysia, just like those we enjoyed in Thailand or those we had in Korea.

Malaysia is a Muslim country, and the most popular drinks are non-alcoholic. Fruit juices and tea- or Coffee based drinks are popular. Sodas, too, are very popular. It’s not that beer and other alcohol-based beverages aren’t available. You can. These are available, but they are more expensive in Thailand than in non-Muslim countries.

Teh Tarik

This hot, creamy Malay beverage is readily available in most Malaysian street food markets and coffee shops.

This Malaysian tea is different because of its pulling. What is pulling? The hot tea is poured between two glasses at a distance of about arm’s length. It helps to cool down the tea. This adds air to the tea giving it a “foamy look.”

Teh Tarik has to be one of our favorite Malay beverages. It’s good to drink it at breakfast, especially in Malaysia.

This drink is made with a mixture of black tea and condensed cream. This may seem like an obvious combination, but it is a must-try. This drink is a delight, thanks to the tea and sweet milk quality.

Malaysian Kopi is also known as Malaysian Coffee.

Malaysia has made great strides in the coffee industry over the past few decades. Malaysian Coffee has now surpassed some of the finest in the world. The quality is comparable to that of Hong Kong coffee.

It is rich in flavor and has a very dark color.

You can find Malaysian Coffee at street vendors and cafes. It’s not available in high-end restaurants, which usually serve Asian teas.

Barley Juice

Barley Juice may seem like it could be more appealing when you are looking for something exciting and new to try, but you will be pleasantly surprised.

This Malay beverage is served with lemon and sugar over ice. The drink has a slightly syrupy and silky mouthfeel. The inclusion of whole barley pearls enhances the texture. It is light, refreshing, zesty, and sweet. The health benefits are numerous.

This one’s only available in some places. You can find it in many local restaurants and cafes if you look carefully.

Sirap Bandung

This drink is a favorite among Malaysians and can be consumed anytime with any meal. This drink is made with condensed milk and evaporated milk. It also contains rose syrup. It has a sweet, creamy taste with a subtle rose aftertaste.

Malays enjoy scrap Bandung after fasting as it is a refreshing drink and a good source of sugar.

Milo Ais

This is a beverage that you can easily find in Malaysia. You can get one at fast food outlets such as KFC or McDonald’s.

Milo is a milky chocolate drink produced by.

Air Mata Kuching

This is another popular drink that locals enjoy when they visit Malaysia. This is a tasty drink with a lot of nutrition.

Just five ingredients are needed to make this thirst-quenching drink. The main ingredients are Buddha’s Fruit, Winter Melon, Dried Longan, Brown Sugar, and Water.

Malaysians often make it. It is available at many restaurants, cafes, and vendors throughout Malaysia.

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