Chocolate Raspberry Cups

Chocolate-covered raspberry cups

When I enter a chocolate store, I first check to see if there are any of those little chocolate truffles with raspberry jelly inside.

Boxed chocolates are the same. If there’s a raspberry flavor in the box, I eat that first. I eat it every time.

Last week, I made homemade chocolate raspberry cups as an early Mother’s Day gift for my mother and me.

Dark chocolate raspberry cup ingredients

These no-bake chocolate treats only require a few simple ingredients: raspberries (fresh or frozen), chia seeds or dark chocolate chips, sweetener, and optional coconut or vegetable oil.

Do you want to make your raspberry jam?

You can omit the recipe’s raspberries, chia seeds, and sweeteners. Fill the chocolate cups instead with raspberry jelly from the store.

You can make these cups in semi-sweet or milk chocolate if you like. You could use white chocolate.

What other fruits can you use

You can! You can!

Remove the stem and pit from the cherries before using them. Strawberry stems must also be removed. After removing these extras, measure the six ounces.

Fresh fruit and frozen fruit are both acceptable. You can also use jam instead of the fruit and skip the sweetener and chia seeds.

Chocolate raspberry cups

If you are using frozen berries, there is no need to thaw them. However, blot away any excess water or ice if your package of frozen berries is particularly icy. No need to thaw frozen berries. However, if the box is very icy, you may want to remove excess water.

Add the pureed raspberries, chia seed, and sweetener to a small pan. Turn down the heat and stir the sauce occasionally until it begins to heat up and bubble.

While waiting, melt the chocolate in the microwave or double boiler.

Spread about one teaspoon of melted white chocolate on the side of paper mini cupcake liners or candy molds.

Spread the remaining chocolate on top. Spread the remaining chocolate over the top.

Allow the chocolate raspberry candy cup to sit on your counter for several hours. You can also refrigerate them or freeze them for a couple of minutes. They will harden.

How to melt chocolate

Chocolate burns quickly over direct heat on a stovetop.

Chop your chocolate finely with a knife. If you are using chocolate chips, skip this step.

Place the chocolate chips or chopped chocolate in a microwave-safe and dry bowl. Heat for 20 seconds.

Stir and then heat in increments of ten seconds, stirring between each increment. Do not overheat the chocolate (do not microwave for more than 10 seconds at a given time).

Pour with a double boiler, fill the bottom of a saucepan with water, and bring it to a simmer. Add the chocolate into the top pan of the double boiler or to a heat-safe bowl placed over the saucepan. Never let water touch the chocolate.

Stir continuously to ensure smoothness. Let the steam from the bottom pan heat the chocolate.


6 oz. raspberries (fresh, frozen, or both)

Chia seeds 1 tbsp

Sweetener of your choice, 2 tsp

6 oz chocolate chips or chocolate bars (1 cup)

Optional 1 tsp melted coconut or vegetable oil to make a smoother sauce


The berries should be mashed well. In a small pan, add the raspberry puree and sweetener. Turn down the heat and stir occasionally until the sauce begins to bubble. While melting the chocolate, be careful. See the above to learn how to melt chocolate properly. Spread about one teaspoon of melted chocolate along the sides of the mini cupcake liners or candy molds. Cover with the remaining chocolate and spread about two teaspoons of raspberry filling. You can refrigerate or freeze them for a few minutes or leave them on the counter to set for a while.

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