Street Foods Around the World That Every Traveler Should Try

It is more than just something we need to keep our bodies functioning. Food has become a crucial part of shaping cultures and telling history. Finding joy in your food is another story. Street food is deeply ingrained in our cultures, even though we occasionally indulge in gourmet meals.

Many different cultures in the world cook food differently, giving you a wide range of choices to choose from. Every country has a street food staple that uniquely flavors its cuisine. Street food is something we eat more than we think, and we don’t question where it comes from. This type of food can be found in all cultures around the globe.

You will find that the roots of all street foods were born in times of crisis or distress. This list is a must-have for any traveler who wants to know the best food to try in every country. You’ll learn about the street food that is popular in various countries.

Street Food: A History

Street food is prepared without the use of heavy machinery or luxury kitchens. Street food is readily available and affordable. Despite how simple it is, it’s a great feeling to have a tasty meal on the run.

The origins of street food go back centuries. The Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans were the first to prepare and cook food on the streets. The first distribution point for certain foods and how they were brought to life are described.

In many cultures, street food was originally a way to feed the hungry. Over time, it has become a delicacy enjoyed by the wealthy. Street food has become a globalized concept and a more culture-based meal. The rich and poor no longer had to choose between them as they were now on many restaurant menus.

If you can travel, it is possible to find street food on every continent. Tacos can be found in many countries but differ from the original Mexican tacos.

The 12 Most Popular Street Foods Around the World

There are many different foods to try in every country. Gourmet food is a great way to learn about the culture and its culinary tastes, but street foods can transport us back into history. Street food reveals how simple it is to prepare a particular dish, but it still has a broad following for its deliciousness. This list will introduce you to some of the world’s most famous street foods and their history.

Crepes in France

The crepe is similar to a pancake but a bit thinner and more tender. The edges are often ruffled and can be prepared in various ways. Some people like to add a drizzle of sweet syrup on top, along with fresh fruit. Some people want to add sweet spreads such as peanut butter or jams. You can also roll the crepes and fill them with vegetables or other protein sources for a savory meal.

The perfect option for every meal of the day, crepes can be enjoyed anytime. The delicately thin dough is ideal for sweet and savory breakfasts. As their name implies, they are found worldwide, but this delicious food originated in France. Grab a crepe while strolling through the French streets.

Crepes have their origins in 12th-century France. They were first made in Monte Carlo. Rumors say that these pancakes were born as a happy accident. According to the story, a French woman accidentally spilled porridge onto a hot stove. The result was a thin, crispy dough that became a popular street food.

Fish and Chips in England

Fish and chips are one of the best street foods. The most popular street food in England is known to have British origins. This tasty meal comprises a handful of french fries (the English call them “chips”) and a few fried fish pieces.

Vendors serve this dish on almost every corner, and they do so with a large hot tray. We are here, however, to dispel a widely held belief that fish and chips originated in England. Although they may be a popular street food in England and are often associated with the British, their origins are not British.

Fish and chips date back to 15th century Portugal, when they were a popular dish. You read it right. It originally came from Portugal and was brought to Britain by Portuguese and Spanish refugees. It’s hard to imagine that the dish was only popular in England after.

During the religious war, the Jews fled Spain and fled to Portugal. Several years later, when Portugal fell under Spanish control, Jews were made illegal. In those times of crisis, the Jews began to fry fish to survive. They also started selling fried fish on the English street during their immigration.

This combo was a popular street food in England during the 1920s. Hundreds of restaurants and trucks sold it. The chips were not originally part of the dish, as the Spanish and Portuguese brought fried fish. It is now a very popular street food across Europe. Each culture has its sauces to accompany the dish.

Gyro – Greece

You can feel the history as you stroll down the Greek streets. The mythological land has always fascinated the world. The rich culture and heritage of this civilization date back to ancient times. To leave Greece, you must try the famous gyro, its most popular street food.

If you need to get more familiar with gyros, they are Greek dishes made primarily from cooked chicken or pork. In some countries, beef or lamb is used instead. The meat is wrapped with a variety of vegetables and a flatbread. It is similar to Middle Eastern shawarma. They look more like a wrap than a cone.

It is believed that this delicacy was first created in Greece. Some historians say that the dish dates back to Alexander the Great. Some historians believe that Alexander’s army used to cook meat on their swords by turning them until they were cooked. Some believe the Americans invented gyros first. Although there’s no way to approve either theory definitively, it is still remarkable that this food was created.

Hawawshi – Egypt

Egypt is among the best places in the Middle East for street food. You won’t enjoy your trip to Egypt if you don’t try some delicious street food that will transform your taste buds into an unforgettable experience. Hawawshi is less popular among tourists in Egypt than other street foods.

Hawawshi, a popular fast food in Egypt, is known throughout the country. This dish is traditionally made with minced meat, pepper, fresh herbs, and onions, all stuffed in soft pita bread. In some cities, Baladi is used instead of pita. The fillings make a difference no matter which bread you choose.

It is believed that this creation originated in Cairo and Alexandria during the 1970s before spreading to all of Egypt. This delicious delicacy was invented by an Egyptian butcher named Ahmad El Hawawsh. The dish’s name was believed to be derived from its creator’s last name. This street food is also available on the menus of many renowned restaurants.

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