Coffee Truffles

Make your coffee truffles.

Save this recipe to make later if you are a coffee lover. The creamy centers will win you over.

These sweet coffee truffles can be made quickly from scratch. They taste like a mixture of thick New York Cheesecake and homemade tiramisu.

Best coffee desserts for parties

The first time I baked the no-bake coffee mousse truffles was for a roof party.

I cut each truffle in half before serving to show off the coffee-whipped filling. This way, guests can still enjoy the truffles and save room for more desserts.

By the end of the evening, it was apparent that I had brought too little.

These gourmet truffles are sure to disappear quickly. They have a rich dark chocolate shell and a filling of delicious coffee cheesecake.

You can make the entire recipe with just three to five ingredients! You can make this recipe using only three to five elements.

Serve the truffles on a large platter, top cakes, or cupcakes like this Keto Cake or my Vegan Chocolate Cake.

Coffee Truffle Flavors

Mocha truffles: Add a tablespoon of Dutch cocoa powder or regular unsweetened chocolate powder to the cream cheese filling before blending the ingredients.

Coffee Cardamom truffles: Add an eighth teaspoon of cardamom powder. Add another eighth teaspoon of cardamom to the filling if you want a more robust flavor.

Cinnamon truffles: Before whipping, add a fourth teaspoon of ground cinnamon. You can also add a pinch of ground ginger.

White Chocolate Cappuccino truffles: Dip coffee bites into melted white chocolate instead of dark. This idea also works with Peanut Butter Chips or milk chocolate.

Pumpkin Spice truffles: Mix an eighth teaspoon of each ground pumpkin pie spices and cinnamon with the filling ingredients.

Some other flavoring ideas I haven’t tried yet include hazelnut, coffee, apple pie spice almond, caramel, or vanilla extract.

Ingredients in the recipe

Coconut butter or cream cheese is required, as well as your choice of powdered sugar, instant coffee (regular or decaf), and optional butter.

Use instant coffee, including blonde roast, medium or dark roast, Italian roast, etc.

Instant espresso is also a good choice. Choose instant coffee (freeze-dried or spray-dried). This is not the same as ground coffee.

Vegan Coffee truffles: This recipe uses plant-based butter, store-bought or homemade Vegan cream cheese, and Coconut butter. This truffle recipe does not use heavy cream or condensed dairy.

Keto Coffee truffles: Choose powdered sugar-free erythritol or powdered powdered powdered powdered powdered powdered powdered powdered powdered powdered powdered xylitol as the sweetener. Use chocolate chips without sugar if you are dipping them in chocolate.

How to make coffee truffles

Bring the butter and cream cheese to room temperature. It will be easier to blend the ingredients into a smooth texture.

Add all ingredients into a medium-sized mixing bowl and whisk until smooth.

The smoothest results will be achieved by using hand beaters. Whipping the mixture with a fork is possible but will result in a less smooth consistency. Stand mixers are a good option if you want to double the recipe.

Spread the thick coffee mixture into a shallow container. You can also freeze the bowl of coffee mixture for a few moments until it is firm enough to scoop out with a small cookie scoop or spoon.

Place the coffee ball on a parchment or wax paper-lined plate. The container or dish should be refrigerated or frozen until the filling has become firm.

You can also cut the filling into bars or bites using a container rather than a scoop. You can eat the truffles or bites plain or with chocolate dipped.

Chocolate coffee truffles

You can turn them into coffee truffles by melting chocolate bars or chips in the microwave or using a double boiler.

To make the sauce smoother and more accessible to coat candy, I add a half teaspoon of coconut or vegetable oil to the melted chocolate.

Place the bites back onto the parchment-lined plate after dipping them into the chocolate.

Cut the truffles into halves as soon as they have set. The chocolate shell won’t crack this way.

Truffles are best kept cold. I store mine in the refrigerator. You can, however, leave them out if you are serving at a gathering for a couple of hours. You can either freeze leftovers or refrigerate them for a couple of days.

Making the recipe using a food scale

Here are the measurements on a food scale if you want to use grams rather than the cup measurements below.

You will need 120 grams of coconut butter or cream cheese, 30 grams of extra coconut butter, and 20 grams of powdered sugar.

You can easily coat the truffles with 85 grams of chopped chocolate or chocolate chips. You won’t use all the chocolate.

Remember also to add instant coffee. It is too small to be measured on a food weighing scale.


Cream cheese or coconut butter, 4 oz

Add two tablespoons of butter or coconut butter

Use three tablespoons of powdered sugar (or erythritol)

1/2 tsp instant coffee

Chocolate chips or chocolate broken into pieces, 3 oz.


Bring the first two ingredients up to room temperature if they are not soft. Combine all ingredients and blend until smooth. The best results are achieved with a handheld mixer, although stirring the mixture with a fork is still tasty. Spread the mixture into a container or freeze for a few moments until it is firm enough to scoop out balls with a mini cookie spoon onto a plate lined with parchment paper. Freeze until firm. Cut into squares or bars if using a container. Dip in chocolate if desired. After melting the chocolate, I add half a teaspoon of oil to make it smoother. This step is optional. Cut them in half immediately after the chocolate has set. Leftovers can be frozen or refrigerated.

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